Project Holiday

Please note that it is with deep regret that, as of November 2007, we are no longer offering holiday support to individuals or communities. If you need help, please contact your local Catholic Church for assistance.

During the holiday season, Focus America sponsors children from various agencies throughout the country. Volunteers match children up with donors who send educational items, clothing, and toys during the holiday seasons. We also collect bulk items to mail to several communities.

In 2006, we sponsored the Myra, KY community and shipped hundreds of pounds of coats, food, and toys to help the 800 families working with the Manna from Heaven mission. We also helped several individual families in New York, foster children in New Jersey, and children living on Indian reservations in the midwest.

Since we began this program in 2002, we have helped almost 5000 children during the holiday season.

  • In 2006, we sponsored 800 families.
  • In 2005, we sponsored over 1000 children.
  • In 2004, we sponsored over 1500 children.
  • In 2003, we sponsored almost 1200 children in seven states.
  • In 2002, we sponsored 75 children in Illinois and New Jersey.

Unfortunately, as our focus has shifted to provide on long-term community care (see Project Seeds), we simply do not have the funding nor volunteer-power to help individuals nor can we respond to individuals who contact us requesting gifts for their childrens.