Project Seeds

Give a man a fish, he feeds his family one meal.
Teach the man to fish, he can feed his family forever.

Project Seeds was started in 2006 after a conversation with Manna from Heaven's pastor. A comment was made about growing their own food. A lightbulb went off and, after several clicks on the Internet, we shipped out hundreds of vegetable seed packages and ordered 250 live baby chicks.

Today, we are focusing on providing the former coal-mining community of Myra, KY with the tools to raise their own food for both consumption and sale. We continue to send, vegetable seeds, and gardening tools. So far, Focus America has raised enough money to send over 650 chickens which will produce meat and eggs for the entire community for generations to come. We are continue to send seed packages for the entire community to build family gardens for preserving food for the winter seasons.

We are looking for people to help us by collecting vegetable seeds packages or ordering gardening supplies and drop-shipping them directly to the community at to Focus America Seed Project c/o PO Box 43, Myra KY 41549.

Also, financial donations are being sought to send more chickens, purchase starter feed mix for the baby chicks (which cost $10/bag with at least five bags needed each week until the chicks are larger). We also want to ship 25 pigs to the community before the end of the summer since pigs have large litters and are easy to raise for meat and sale.