Project Pencils

As of 2008, we no longer provide assistance to individuals or communities for Project Pencils.
For five years, Focus America sent school supplies and uniforms for needy children who reside in improverished areas. Distribution is based upon supplies donated and the needs of applicants. Students and corporate volunteers work hard collecting as many school supplies as possible to properly equip and motivate the children in need when they return to school in the late summer.

Starting in 2002, we provided over 2000 backpacks and other school supplies to various communities in need throughout the United States including Illinois, South Dakota, and Kentucky. We also distributed supplies to children in Morris, Union, and Passaic County, NJ.

As always, we encourage corporate involvement in the collection of items for this very worthy project. Companies or individuals who wish to collect items in 2008 should donate them to their local DYFS office.

Items to be collected can include pens, pencils, backpacks, spiral notebooks, notepads, rulers, glue sticks, tape, construction paper, and other school supplies.